Sun of the South


Day 1

Check in at the imperial boutique hotel. Excursion to the Historic complex of the Russian Wine House Abrau-Durso. With a tasting of 7 samples of products Abrau-Durso. Free time

Day 2

Breakfast on the hotel’s terrace overlooking Lake Abrau and a glass of champagne Sightseeing day begins with a visit to Villa Victoria, which is located near the village Semigorye. The name of the locality comes from the seven hills of the Markkhotsky ridge, surrounding the valley from all sides. The farm can not be called completely new, their Bell Tree wines have been pleasing wine lovers with their taste qualities for several years, but only in 2013 the farm opened its doors to wine tourists. The program: a trip to the vineyards with a stop on the observation deck, from where you can see the whole Semigorye valley, visit the farm, a tour of the production and tasting of 10 samples of wines and cheeses of its own production. Journey to the valley of Lefkadia. Wine tourism allows everyone to taste the wine in the place of its production, to see how this or that taste is born, to learn the secret of its origin in nature. Guests do not just relax and taste the wines, but also go on an exciting excursion, during which guests will visit the vineyards, learn about production technologies and winemaking traditions. For tasting served 4 types of wine and 2 types of cheese. After lunch, you will visit Nesterov's private winery - "Vinotherria". The family winery Nesterov opened at the foot of the Semigorsky hills in 2016. It is this year that the winery founders celebrate as the first year of their own harvest from their own vineyards, despite the fact that the history of winemaking of the Nesterov family dates back to 2008. At the tasting served gastronomic sets to choose from. Transfer to the hotel

Day 3

Breakfast on the hotel’s terrace overlooking Lake Abrau and a glass of champagne. After breakfast, you will visit the Semigorye estate. The estate was created a few years ago by the wine-grower Gennady Oparin. Inspired by the South African wine industry, he built a beautiful chateau restaurant on the banks of the pond next to large vineyards.



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